Bissoli&Bissoli has been designing home interiors since the beginning of its activity.
Even now every choice of furniture is preceeded by a careful evaluation of the space, the lighting and ,of course, the needs of the client.

We have the experience and knowledge to design interiors from a single room to the entire house.
Given the main mesurements and some photos of the space, we are able to present the client with a number of solutions to suit his/her requests.
We provide plans, elevations and perspective views (hand-drawn or digital) of the room, completed by the representation of the main pieces of furniture. This way one can evaluate the actual use of the room, the empty spaces that allow the transition from different areas, and the general "feeling" of the design.

As an example we can start with only £ 200.00 for the complete project of a kitchen or a bedroom, in order to find the perfect living solution for that particular area of the house.

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