Cobra Tv Stand

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Designer: Mario Bellini

Cobra is a dynamic TV stand both in appearance and in practice, with a curved plywood structure, entirely hand-polished. Find out more on our site


Designer: Mario Bellini

Cobra is a dynamic TV stand, both from a visual and usage standpoint, built with curved plywood polished entirely by hand
and featuring brake-fitted wheels and mood lighting, which is projected on the floor. Equipped with multiple sockets to power
the eventual audio-visual components to set on the shelf, it features a hidden and discreet cable inlet that connects them to the video

Structure made from beech plywood, hot-press folded and stained or veneered. Cable trough at back covered by a 3 mm thick strip of
Velcro, veneered in wood with the same finish as the body. Television connection kit included. Multiple power adapter (Shucko CEE 7/7
model) and ambient light LED under the base. Steel wheels with pedal locking brake and tread made from black nonmarking
polyurethane rubber.

Dimensions: cm 90 x 68 x 121h.

Covered cable channel on the back. Wiring system and ambient led light under the base.

Other customisations are possible.Please, contact us for your request.

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